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  space cadet
i’m sorry I’ve been off, I’ve been having huge problems with my computer
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I recently became a blogger for INSITU 
I’ve been playing SL since my sims seem to don’t gonna work.
Serena is wearing one of their skins! 1L at the mainstore! And it’s so versatile and cute, lovely mouth. Which this is a pet peeve for me, if the skin doesn’t have a good mouth can make all the skin like crap, but these skins have a very cute and well defined mouth, that I love it ♥

Sorry for SL stuff but I’m having too much fun searching for freebies and dressing up this beauty.

I made this portrait of my SL avatar, Emilia (Because of Emilia Clarke, even tho she doesn’t look like her, but I like the name)
It came out pretty cute haha and I looooove this hair, a lot.
Valentina #1 Lookbook
I will post the link tomorrow <3
Everything free unless the skin & eyes & bag
This is going to be my new body! ♥
70% handdrawn - 30% photoskinned (mostly the hands and navel)
I think it’s going pretty good! I’m going to have a cleavage one too, still needs work, but I’ve been all day, the body isn’t as difficult as the face though
Hi :) I was just wondering who some of your favorite sl skin creators are? :)
宇宙士官候補生 said:

Hi! Super nice question! I’ve been in SL so many years, but in phases, you know? like one month and then the other rest of the year no haha but for example the disappeared Curio was one of my favorites, but right now Essences is amazing, I don’t own any of their skins but I’ve tried the demos and they look completly amazing! Same for Birdy which I own a gift one that it flawless! Mother Goose is unique for me, how many different faces can they have? Amazing. These are my top favorites because I don’t know many more, I do now Belleza and Thebodyco and some others but these are my favorites because they are unique and you can have a really amazing face on your avatar.

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Hi guys! This is my first skin ever in SL! It took me too many time to finish, and too many hours sweating for this haha it’s been a long journey but finally I managed to finish it.
It’s 70L and it’s not perfect, but I’m starting, I’m looking forward to improve.
It’s only in this tone now, but I’m currently working on more tones and makeups right now. Hope you like it!